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About the Technique

Monart School of the Arts' philosophy is based upon the methodology described in the books Drawing with Children

and Drawing for Older Children & Teens by Mona Brookes, founder of Monart Institute. In a non-competitive environment students are taught that there is no right or wrong way to draw. Students will be taught to recognize the 5 Basic Elements of Shape and combine them to create realistic drawings. All classes, Getting Ready, Basic, Intermediate/Advanced, and Acrylic, are on-going month to month.


About Basic

One Hour

5 - adult

Basic Drawing is an introduction to representational drawing for ages  5 yrs to adults. The students are guided through a step-by-step lesson of an object, animal, or character. The class draws each element of shape as the teacher describes them. They are asked to identify each element of shape before they begin drawing. The instruction also includes guidance about length, placement, distance between elements, and how the shapes interact with each other. Students master the ability to recognize the 5 Basic Elements of Shape and combine them to create drawings. When a student is able to draw independently, a test drawing is done to show their level of ability. It is then that they may move up to Intermediate classes.



Shadlin   Age 9

Emily   Age 10

About Intermediate/Advanced

One & One-Half Hours

9 - teen - adults

The Intermediate/Advanced Drawing class is for ages 9-teen-adults. After learning the basics, students are able to work more independently and develop their own personal style. Using different mediums, such as graphite, pastels, color pencils and watercolor, emphasis is on technique and creative approaches to their art. As the student's skills grow and mature, we challenge them to work in various forms of artistic styles, emphasizing perspective, proportion, and patience to develop advanced techniques and abilities.

Acrylic Painting

One & One-Half Hours

9 - teens & adults

Our Acrylic Painting class is for students 9 years old to adult. This class will focus on learning the various techniques of this versatile medium. Admission to this class will be determined by the student’s skill level.

All materials for the class will be supplied by the studio. 


Class size will be limited to 6 students.

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