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"Art used to be something

I could do, and has transformed into something I'm impassioned to do, and that's entirely because of Monart! "


             ~ Valerie Paykov


              - former student




"It's amazing how much freedom the teachers give the kids...and how much kids learn given all that freedom! Their method really worked for my daughter. "


             ~ Mother & daughter


                  -current students





"We consider ourselves fortunate to have had Ellen teaching Monart at our JCC. She would be an asset to any facility where she brings her special talent. It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Monart to your facility. "


             ~ Judy Miller

                - Bernard Weinger JCC

                  Supervisor Youth &



"Another event today which we’ve been doing for 11 years!

2019 Student Art Exhibit. We provided the food servers, brought all the food, and decor and beverages. I have this one down for sure! These children and teenagers get better and better every year! One of my favorite events! Monart in Arlington Height on Arthur Ave. If you have children who want to learn how to draw, this is the place! Check out all the photos!! Amazing!!!


           ~ Denise Peterson Murphy

              - President/Owner with

                A Touch Of Elegance!



From students, parents, & schools


"This letter is to commend you and your

staff for the difference you make in the lives

of the young artists. My daughter has

attended your Monart studio for the

past six years. She has developed

self-confidence and discipline among

other traits by attending the art sessions.

You and your staff are extremely attentive and patient and provide constructive feedback in a polite, appropriate manner.

Thank you for all you do.  Hats off...."


                                                                ~ Ketki Shah- parent




"Can I really already be eighteen and getting ready to head off to college?  It seems like just yesterday that I was staring up the Ox I had drawn hanging on the wall at my very first Monart showcase. That was thirteen years ago.
    One would not believe just how much one place and the people there, can shape you in thirteen years. Ellen and all of the other faculty there have become like family to me. We talk about art. We talk about life.  Monart did not just shape me creatively and artistically, it shaped me as a person in general."


                                                ~ Ashley Bremer - former student



"Thank you for providing children in our area with such an outstanding art school. We feel so fortunate that our daughter has had the Monart experience for the past four years. Monart is undoubtedly one

of the highlights of all her learning experiences thus far. In our daughters

own words...' Monart cheers me up. I love

it when I am there and I love the artwork that we do.' "


                   ~ Grateful parents of
                      a Monart student




"I came to love my time at Monart Drawing Studio more than any other activity in which I was involved. Everyone at the studio is there either to learn and practice his or her art or to help you do the same. The classes are fun and educational, relaxed but structured, and communal but individual at the same time. In the six years I spent at the studio, I always looked forward to the time that I spent there, learning, experiencing and practicing art in the class that I love."


                                                     ~ Madeline - former student






"Looking back, it seems like a whirlwind. I cannot tell you the day I got "better", I just did. I cannot tell you the day I became more confident, I just did. The staff never touched my artwork, they let me do the work and gently guided me to improved techniques. The whole experience was wonderful! Monart has helped me to appreciate my own artwork as well as others. It has shown me that 'there are no mistakes in art' and that there is no real science to art. Art just takes a gentle push from a teacher that really enjoys what she is doing. "


                 ~ Eve Yanaki
                   former student



"I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to you and your instructors for providing the Monart program

to our schools for the past ten years. Through this specialized art instruction, the children have learned to "see" line, form and shape in the world around them, perfect their drawing skills, and create truly beautiful works of art. It is a pleasure to see the children enjoying this creative process and to see them beaming with pride when they view their matted masterpiece in the art exhibit at the end of the year! We look forward to continued collaboration for many years to come! "


                                             ~ Lisa M. Kambich

                                                              Director of Schools

                                                                   Deerfield, Riverwoods, & 
                                                                  Glenview Montessori Schools

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