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Pre-recorded Classes

We are happy to present our learning at home video series,

During the pandemic, we wanted to find a way for our students to continue to enjoy drawing, coloring, and connecting with their Monart teachers!  We created these videos for them to use at that time, and have found them to be excellent for introducing The Monart Method to those who are looking to explore more artistic expression.

We also encourage those who are visiting our website for the first time, to consider purchasing a lesson so you may experience the Monart Teaching Method and see how the step-by-step instruction works.

We have pre-recorded videos with Ms. Judy, Ms. Alyce and Ms. Barb teaching Basic lessons.  We have chosen different subject matter for variety, and lessons with easy to follow step-by-step instructions that the young artists are familiar with in their classes. These will be suitable for all ages, and we hope even the Intermediate level students will have fun creating each piece too!  Children who are 5 yrs to 6 yrs. may need extra guidance from you as they work.



With each lesson you purchase, Monart Drawing Studio will donate $2.00 to Child Mind Institute
They are an independent, national nonprofit
dedicated to transforming the lives of children
and families struggling with mental health and
learning disorders. They are helping children
through this crisis and beyond.  Please visit their website to learn more about their important work.


Please DO NOT use a mobile phone to watch and follow the lessons.  This format is too small and restrictive.  Cast to your TV or use a desktop or laptop computer. 

Have your student sit at a table in a proper chair much like they would at the studio. This will give them the best posture and setting to do their best work.  Place extra paper, newspaper, or a pad under the paper they will use for drawing and coloring. Permanent markers like Prismacolor will bleed through. Using card stock will also help.

Since these are pre-recorded, you may at any time PAUSE the video, finish your drawing step, and then RESUME the lesson.  This will give the children a chance to follow along at a pace that is comfortable
and give them time to make sure they are satisfied with that step. 

After they finish the drawing, they can color in the artwork.  We have offered some tips and guides for coloring from each teacher.  Below
is a list of materials we use at the studio, and links if you would like to purchase them online during this time of store closures.  You can use any markers, color pencils, chalk pastels, pens, pencils and erasers that you have at home.  These will work just fine!



Materials Needed:

PAPER ~ a card stock paper is best. You can purchase reams at Office Max/Depot, Target, and other retailers.  Try using a paper that is heavier than regular copy paper, so the markers don't bleed through.

PEN ~ PaperMate Flair Pens are good, we use these at the studio to make the line drawing. 

MARKERS ~ Any marker can be used for coloring in their drawing.  We use Prismacolor Dual Edge markers at the studio. 

CHALK PASTEL ~ Chalk pencils, or sticks may be used.  They can use a cotton ball to rub in a light pastel background, or to enhance specific areas of their drawing.

Miscellaneous Media:   Students can use white gel pens, metallic pens, neon markers and color pencils to finish their piece. This allows them to use their imagination in adding detail and interest.



Vendors for Art Supplies:

Spikey Fish

We have provided links to our favorite vendors for art supplies.  You may use them or any others that you prefer.  These links are for the same art media we use at the studio. 

BLICK:   Prismacolor Dual Tip Markers (Set of 24)

               Prismacolor Color Pencils

               Rembrandt Chalk Pastels Sets

               NuPastel Chalk Pastels

Office Depot:     PaperMate Flair Pens~ Black Medium Tip

                              65 lb. Card Stock paper (ream)


What to Expect:

Each lesson is sold separately.  After you have chosen which lesson you would like to purchase, you may check out using our secure PayPal service. 

You will receive an email within 24 hrs. with a link to each lesson purchased, and a PDF for download and print of the Warm-Up Sheet that accompanies the specific lesson you have chosen. You will have continued access to the lesson(s)

You may purchase as many as you wish so you may enjoy the magic of art!


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