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Monart Drawing Studio

Monart Drawing Studio is located in Arlington Heights. The moment you walk into our studio, you'll know it is a special place where students of all ages can experience the joy of artistic expression in a peaceful, serene, intimate and nurturing setting.

Away from the maddening crowd, the Monart Drawing Studio is an inviting creative oasis.

Meet the


Ellen Sharpe, is an artist/teacher who resides in Arlington Heights. In 1995, after having gone through

an extensive training with Mona Brookes, founder of the Monart Institute, she became the first licensed Monart teacher in the greater Chicagoland area. In addition to her Monart Drawing Studio located in downtown Arlington Heights, Ellen also has classes at other locations.

Every Spring Monart Drawing Studio celebrates
our students and their artwork at our

Annual Student Art Exhibition
The Prairie Center for the Arts in Schaumburg,IL
is one of our yearly hosts for this event.
They honor the studio by creating these beautiful
videos, with owner Ellen Sharpe sharing more
details about the experience at Monart

628 S Arthur Ave.

Arlington Heights Illinois   60005


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