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    . . . community events

    What we've been up to. . .

    Our Summer & Winter Art Camps were held again this year. Children experienced various multi-media and 3-D projects as they learned the skills for drawing realistically.


    Every year Monart Drawing Studio exhibits the students artwork at local libraries, art fairs, and other outside events for families.


    Summer fairs allow us to offer the opportunity for the children and their families to grab a marker and create their own drawing while they learn more about our programs.

    National Night Out 2019 

    Summer Evening 

    North School Park

    Arlington Heights

    Everyone Can Learn To Draw!

    Walk in the Park 2019 August in North School Park - Arlington Heights

    Another wonderful event for the local community to view the amazing work of our students!  Many visitors to our tent are always in wonder at the skill and talent of these young artists! 

    The Mane Event 2017

    Along with Arlington Race Track Downtown Arlington Heights